Commercial Glass Service


One of the most significant aspects of any building design is the windows and glass selected. The window quality and glass styles have one of the most direct effects on both the building appearance and comfort levels. Technology advancements and material improvements have made glass a favorite design element for architects for everything from new construction, storefronts, malls, and facades. The commercial grade glass available on the market today yields incredible increases in energy efficiency without sacrificing the loss of natural lighting.

Even with the vast improvements in the quality of the glass available today, glass still breaks and needs to be replaced. Not only is a commercial building dependent on the glass for appearance, but also for security. We know that glass breakage on any business can mean loss of productivity and revenue. Glass Garage Inc. can be on-site and fix the glass issues of your business quickly and professionally.

Glass, in general, can also become out-dated very quickly. Continuing improvement in the commercial glass and commercial window industry makes replacing your older inefficient glass with newer, more energy efficient commercial windows & glass a much more cost effective decision. Glass Garage Inc. can show you the many options available and assist you in choosing the best commercial glass & window options for your business.

Glass Garage Inc. Repairs, Replaces and Upgrades:

  • Storefront Windows
  • Office Windows
  • Doorways and Enclosures
  • Reception Area Entrances
  • Internal Partitions
  • Skylights
  • Storm Doors
  • Tabletops
  • Mirrors