Custom Glass Shower Enclosures


Glass shower enclosures have become an essential fixture in bathroom remodeling projects. Glass shower doors are easy to clean, virtually maintenance free, and are designed to last a lifetime. Kitchen and bath updates increase the resale value of your home greater than any other project. Remodeling your bathroom using glass shower doors instantly increases the resale value of your home by adding a touch of luxury. No other building material besides glass adds such a unique aesthetic appearance to a bathroom. Glass shower doors allow the full use of natural light to illuminate your bathroom which will give you years of enjoyment.

Glass shower doors come in a variety of sizes and glass styles. The customization options are almost limitless. The glass shower door experts at Glass Garage Inc. will walk you through the entire process from measuring, custom designing through complete installation for your specific bathroom remodeling project. Simply put, glass shower doors are an excellent investment and will dramatically pay you back upon resale of your home. Allow Glass Garage Inc. to install your custom glass shower doors or enclosures today!

Frameless Shower Enclosures


Frameless glass shower doors can complement the design of any bathroom. A variety of available options allows you to choose the perfect style to match both your dream and your budget. The glass shower door experts at Glass Garage Inc. can customize frameless glass shower doors to give your bathroom a luxurious facelift - no matter the size. If you’re are seriously considering a bathroom remodeling project, frameless glass shower doors are the perfect addition and may actually be much cheaper than you imagine. For more information about our glass shower door services or to schedule a free estimate call (740) 286.5864.