You Have The Right To Choose!

A common practice known as “job steering” is a big problem in the auto glass industry today. This practice affects each and every auto insurance policy holder. When damage occurs to the glass in your vehicle you naturally pick up the phone and call the 800 number given to you by your insurance company. You have typically just dialed a call center hired by the insurance companies to steer jobs their direction. The customer service representative will sound very convincing and mislead you to think you can only take your car to one of their “approved” auto glass shops to have the glass damage repaired. This simply is not true.

Legislation has already been passed in many states across the country to protect your right to choose what auto glass shop handles your auto glass repair or replacement. In other words, by law you have the right to choose any auto glass shop and still be backed by your insurance company. Job steering is an unethical practice that is causing great harm to both the auto glass industry and you the insurance policy holder. Job steering seeks to eliminate healthy competition between auto glass shops and steer all work to the larger shops run by the larger insurance companies. Job steering is not only unfair, but will eventually mean higher insurance premiums for everyone.

Just remember the choice is yours! Don’t fall into the trap. You have the right by law to pick what auto glass shop services your auto glass needs. We hope you choose Glass Garage Inc. for all your auto glass needs. We can even process all the insurance paperwork for you to make your auto glass claim quick and painless.

Safety Comes First!
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Don’t compromise on safety; choose a trusted company that will handle all your auto glass needs with care. Allow the certified, professional auto glass technicians at Glass Garage Inc. to replace your windshield or any piece of auto glass. We don’t take short cuts to increase profit. We use only the highest quality O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass and adhesives to ensure your windshield is installed to the factory specifications. We take your family’s safety very seriously and make it our #1 priority to provide quality service that is second to none!